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Lemon Pickle


1. Lemon : 10
2. Chilli Powder : 2 tablespoons
3. Fenugreek seeds : 1/2 teaspoon(roasted and powdered)
4. Asafoetida powder : 1/8 teaspoon
5. Oil(preferably gingelly oil) : 2 tablespoons
6. Salt : to taste

Method of Preparation:

Wash and dry the lemon . Cut the lemons into 8 pieces each. Heat the oil. Remove from fire. Add the chilli powder to the hot oil. Add the lemon pieces, fenugrek powder, asafoetida powder , salt and mix well. Keep the pickle in a clean, dry airtight glass jar for a week, shaking the contents once in every two days. After a week, the pickle will be ready for use. Note: For quick pickle, saute the lemons in the oil for 5 minutes before mixing with the masalas. The pickle will be ready in two days.